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Our team understands how vital accurate information is to any supply chain model. We have spent an enormous amount of time and energy focused on developing the most advanced realtime material management system in the industry.

We believe that a system is only as good as the people that operate within it. Our team is devoted to a hiring process that focuses and searches for the right people. One thing that we have learned in the industry over the years is that you cannot train someone to care! Our team members have been a part of some good teams in the past. However, we formed Nexus Logistics in order to build a great team focused on bringing value to the oil and gas industry through our material management experience and unique vision of the future.

Our mission is to create an environment that builds leaders, promotes the fundamental philosophies of teamwork, and to develop lifelong relationships with our employees and clients. We believe that caring about people is the most important component in business. We know that our success depends on the strengths of these individual relationships. We continue to prove that when you care about your employees, your employees care about each other, they care about your customers, and they care about the overall success of the company.


Creating Effortless Logistics & Materials Tracking


Training begins with finding the right people. We look for people who truly believe in the company and its mission. When team members believe in the system, they contribute and help evolve the process. Nexus has assembled some of the most experienced coordinators in the industry. Our trainers care deeply about building and mentoring the next generation of coordinators. Our most fundamental value is our belief in training people to take ownership and responsibility. We train people to double-check and question not only themselves, but every piece of the process. Our team members are always checking each other and making sure we are all operating on the same standard of excellence. We train leaders, we train supervisors and we train trainers.


People that care are safe, people who are unsafe don’t care. If you care about yourself, your family, your teammates, your company, and your industry, you will do everything in your power to make sure everyone is safe. Our outstanding safety record is a direct reflection of the quality people we bring on to this team. We are Safeland certified, H2S certified and have company specific certifications. The true testament of safety is when you decide to wear your PPE and follow safety procedures when no one is around to hold you accountable. These are the people we look for on this team, that is the kind of culture we create. We do safety right because that is what we believe not because that is what we are told.


We have found in other systems, there are so many people involved with the material, but so few understand the entire process. In building our system we found that having one entity manage the material allows for maximum efficiency and complete transparency. It is no longer acceptable to get the data after the job is complete. The future of the industry is real time data. We have continued to develop our system to produce the most up to minute data in the industry. We are now able to track material from purchase to down hole. The power in our system is our ability to show you as a customer where you are at any moment in time, ultimately achieving a true cost analysis.


Our experience and background gives us the ability to clearly understand our customers needs and expectations. Through great communication and transparency, we have developed a management system to not only meet but exceed those expectations. Our onsite coordinators work with the customer to develop a per stage strategy for material use. We conduct a stage by stage audit of materials on and off location. We also work hand and hand with on site safety to enforce all safety requirements for the customer. Our back end management offers a 24 hour dispatch service designed to assist our team in the field. This back end support manages the carriers, works with the loading facilities, and customers to monitor PO’s. This service allows us to offer software and tech support to our team. Our system gives us the ability to operate with a high level of efficiency which ultimately translates into cost savings for our customers.

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