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Overcoming Sex Addiction

Sex addiction may be identified as any compulsive or impulsive sexual activity that falls into one of three categories: shameful, secretive or abusive. Internet sex addiction is a relatively new form and not surprisingly one of the most prevalent.

Addiction to sex is similar to an addition to gambling in that all process addictions, problems that are behavior based rather than substance based, have a biological and neuro-chemical core. It also resembles chemical dependency in that sex and love addiction are behavioral disorders often passed along in families, however their treatment requirements are unique.

Addiction and Sex

Sexual addiction is often accompanied by other addictions, both chemical and behavioral. Physicians’ understanding of this fact is important since sexual addiction could contribute significantly to STD’s and because efforts to control sexual addiction are often confounded by coexistent problems.

The easiest way to recognize the signs of sexual addiction is to take a sex addiction test online.

Overcoming Sexual Addiction

Anyone coping with sex addiction is often desperate to find help and stop the addiction. If the partner or the addict need specific information about how to gain victory and sobriety over a sex addiction Project Samson provides an excellent way to get information confidentially.

The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been adapted for use in programs for eating disorders, compulsive gambling, sex addiction, and other addictions.

Our treatment programs for sex addiction are geared to addicted individuals as well as spouses of sex addicts, and couples.

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