Custom Homes
Superior Craftsmanship

We Strive for Perfection In Every Detail
With 30 Years Experience

Custom Home Builder

Every home we build is built to suite by artisan professionals


Our homes are custom crafted with energy efficient technologies


Open Prairie Homes, the PREMIERE CUSTOM HOME BUILDER with the experiece and talent you need to build your dream home!

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to Excellence

We promise our clients the best house money can buy.

Artisan Professionals

Artisan Professionals

Built by artisan professionals who are renowned for their perfectionism and attention to detail.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Our homes are custom crafted with complete energy efficient technologies.

Open Prairie Custom Homes

  • A Solid Foundation of Integrity

    We have a history of working discreetly and diligently to provide the perfect residence for our clients.
  • Ultimate Energy Efficiency

    Each of our homes is custom crafted with energy efficient technologies, from the foam encapsulated roof to the energy star rated light appliances.
  • Built For You

    You know when you buy an Open Prairie Custom Home that it is one of a kind. Our client’s new home truly is a work of art.


With our concierge services you can build on our land or a plot of your own. We build homes around the DFW metroplex in communities such as Southlake, Westlake, Fort Worth, Aledo, Brock and Spring Town.